Various Dies and reloading items + odds

Started by Treeman, May 20, 2022, 07:48 PM

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I have a large amount of reloading items that I have accumulated over last 20 years. Pretty much 2, 3 of each item  or caliber that I own.
I am not a business, or hobby reseller, just realizing that 3 beam scales, 3 electronic scales, 2 die sets for each caliber is just to much.
I also have a die set for .375 HH - 45 ACP - 308 N/Mag - 223 Win - and others, I am keeping one of each I own.
Feel free to phone if there is something else I may have, powder dispenser, few old scopes, beam scale, many mounting rings and a few iron sights sets.
Various 30 cal bullets in opened box's, mainly Speer and Sierra heavier weights.
Just accumulated and duplicated items.
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Do you have a extra electronic scale and what scopes do you have. I need a scope for my 7mm-08