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Started by J and M Custom Cast Bulle, Aug 23, 2022, 02:38 PM

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J and M Custom Cast Bulle

Hi everybody my name is Johan and I am the owner of J and M. I started casting bullets in 1990 when I bought my first center fire handgun. I have been casting ever since then. I first started casting comercially in the late 1990's while I was operating an indoor shooting range. We have molds available for most handgun calibers as well as several rifle calibre molds. We also have molds available for muzzleloaders and shotgun slugs and buckshot. We are always looking for new molds to expand our product line. Regards Johan


Hi, great to know of you, perhaps you can give us a list of your available bullets.
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J and M Custom Cast Bulle

Hi Treeman. We currently have handgun molds for. .25 ACP .30 Mauser .32 ACP .32S&W Long 9mm Short 9mmP .357/.38 spl .38 S&W .40 .44 and .45ACP and .454 Cassul. We also have rifle molds for .224 .308 .312 .375 and .458 as well as 1oz and 11/4oz 12gauge slugs. And a variety of muzzle loader bullets both round ball and conical and LG and SG Buckshot