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Started by DuaneWessels, May 24, 2022, 11:53 AM

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What is the story with IDPA these days.

Are SADPA still hogging the rights to shoot IDPA in South Africa, or do South Africans need to join IDPA directly like all the other countries in the world.

Is SADPA even still affiliated to IDPA ?

According to the IDPA website , "Southern African holding Association for all IDPA clubs in the area. Southern African IDPA members need to be members of SADPA and an associated club to take part in shoots."

However, there are no sanctioned matched listed, and photos are not from the last few years.

Has SADPA finally kicked the bucket ?


From what I understand SADPA is not affiliated to IDPA anymore and are doing their own thing.
IDPA Africa is now the official IDPA body. But no DMG or multi gun shoots, only handgun and I think PCC.

Lot's of stories. And it is a pity as SADPA was the perfect choice for a new shooter.

I joined Sapsa as it made sense for me. Golden City is 4km's from my house.

By the way most of the usual SADPA shooters are all at SAPSA now.
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SADPA still going but not affiliated to IDPA any more. New board of directors who seem to be making moves in a positive direction. Hope it works out as I have been a member for a long time and have zero interest or prospect of ever competing overseas so the IDPA affiliation and associated cost is a non-benefit to me. My club still hosts monthly DMG matches so I'll stick with them in the hopes of a bit of a resurgence.