Preloved LEE equipment - to seel or swop- various

Started by Newton, Jun 03, 2023, 05:25 PM

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I  have slowly upgraded and have the following LEE items in good condition to swap or sell

Turret ring for three hole turret  (ring that you fit on the press that the die turret fits into )

Three hole turret ( where you install the dies )

Complete handle assembly for old style LEE presses

Hand primer press with auto primer tray [ x2 ] and large and small primer attachments

Die rings x 7 ( with the rubber O-Ring )

Case neck chamfer de-burring tool

Primer pocket cleaner

Case neck trimmer with ball handle ( fit your own case length rod  )

Safety scale x 2

Please PM or email me for photos if unsure of what items are

Items to swap ... let me know what you have ?
Am interested in empty cases for 300 Win mag / 30-06
Reloading dies - what ever
Old presses
Surprise me  ;)  :)