The Lee Precision Ultimate Turret Press.

Started by DuaneWessels, Feb 01, 2024, 10:33 AM

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Lee Precision is on a roll.
First was the Pro4000...which is not a perfect press in my opinion but it had some very clever ideas.
Fixed Tool Head that uses Breech Lock Bushings for caliber changes. No more floating turrets.
A fantastic indexing system. No fiddly timing screws or complicated indexing rods and flippers.
But it used the Safety Prime system which does not make it a true progressive press in my opinion.

This was then adapted and improved with the Six Pack Pro...a beast of a press!
And the Six Pack Pro added a fantastic new priming system. The biggest upgrade Lee has come up with in ages.

The index system, tool head design and improved primer feeder was then adapted to the entry level Pro1000.

Lee also released an all metal Inline Bullet Feeder Die with a gatling style magazine feeder. Much cheaper than the competition and it works out of the box.

But Lee is not finished.
The Classic Turret Press has been a great option for a new reloader or someone reloading a lot of different calibers. It is a true can do almost anything press.

And now Lee has come up with a new Turret press...the Ultimate Turret Press!

Just look at this press!

A big highlight...
Not more floating turret, yes it still uses a turret but it is no fixed in a retainer ring.
The turret also now uses the Breech Lock bushing system so no need to buy different Lee now offers most of their dies with Breech Locks fitted already.
The press will ship with a 5 hole turret.
BUT you can also get a 3 hole, 4 hole and 6 hole turret!

From the instructions...
While reloading with a turret press, no station should be left empty. This wastes a stroke of the press and, therefore, time.
It is easy to change the number of positions on your Ultimate Turret press. Select a tool carrier that leaves no station empty. We have 3, 4, 5 and 6 position tool carriers.

The press also has the new roller handle design and features a completed round ejector.

This just looks like a winner!

I will share more info as it becomes available.
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