Air rifles for sale

Started by Againstthegrains, Apr 07, 2024, 05:07 PM

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My brother in law was clearing out his dad's house, and found 2 air guns which he wants to sell.

Gamo Big Cat 1200 0.177 plastic stock with Gamo scope. In excellent condition R1800.

BSA Meteor 0.177 original wooden stock 1970's in excellent condition. R1800


Where are these and can you get some decent photos of the BSA?


The air rifles are in Gauteng.


Pictures of the Gamo

You can also WhatsApp me on O82 double 76 53 double 9.


Is this the one thats so loud or the really silent one ? Cody shot one that was really female fart, and I shot one that sound like dropping a spring bed off the second floor.
I am who I am - I am not who you want me to be.
Therefore I am me.


According to the owner (who is not an expert on female farts) it is average noisy ;D



That BSA looks good and very tempting.